#BroadswordOnlineGames have released #Publish89.1 for #UltimaOnline on the Test Center shard. http://ultimacodex.com/2015/02/ultima-online-publish-89-1-coming-to-tc1/

To mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Ultima 7, the Ultima Codex has put together a tribute site for the game. NEWS: http://ultimacodex.com/2012/04/ultima-7s-20th-anniversary/ SITE: http://ultima7.ultimacodex.com/

An Ultima Evolution Convertible Done Up in #Ultima Stylings http://ultimacodex.com/2015/09/an-ultima-evolution-convertible-done-up-in-ultima-stylings/

The Ultima Return site has been updated, and a few more character portraits have been posted. http://ultimacodex.com/2012/08/ultima-return-more-portraits/

An ad and order form for the #Commodore64 versions of the first 5 #Ultima games. http://ultimacodex.com/2015/01/new-gallery-ad-for-ultimas-1-through-5-for-commodore-64/

Photographs of screenshot mockups and concept art for a hitherto unknown enhancement proposed for Ultima Online. http://ultimacodex.com/2013/02/new-gallery-ultima-online-spirit-of-virtue/

Richard Garriott and his wife Laetitia have just welcomed a new baby girl, Kinga, into the world. http://ultimacodex.com/2012/07/richard-garriott-new-daddy/

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