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Stand, fight back!

"You are girl army. You feel entitled to a safe walk home. You expect a government that respects your mental/ bodily autonomy. You believe in freedom from oppression and are not afraid to stand up, fight back!

24 Signs From Trump Protests That Will Restore Your Faith In The USA

24 Signs From Trump Protests That Will Make You Feel A Little Better

The beauty of science is that it works, whether you believe in it or not. Rational, reasoned and educated people don't believe in Science. They merely understand how it works.

There's no room for belief in rigorous science. Just curiosity, the desire to dedicate your life to the greater good, and the drive to never give up. "SCIENCE doesn't really give a shit about your BELIEFS"


Thousands of New Yorkers are staging a sit-in in the middle of Times Square chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot” to support the people of Every 28 hours in the US, a person of color is killed by racist police terror.