Explore Easy Chicken Casserole, Spoon, and more!

Receta fácil de guiso de pollo con setas

Prepare to test spoons easy chicken casserole with mushrooms, a delight of traditional recipe, which you can use any type of mushroom as chanterelles, mushrooms

Receta fácil de los autenticos flamenquines

This is a very traditional recipe of Southern Spain, it is flamenquines, an elaboration check with fillets stuffed pork tenderloin with prosciutto, then coat.

Receta fácil de lentejas con pollo y verduras

Prepare the spoon to eat a super tasty, healthy and very easy to make, it is lentils with chicken and vegetables, a delicious way to eat vegetables.

Recetas de cocina con sabor tradicional: Receta fácil de sopa de pollo

Do not miss this chicken soup, light, tasty and low in fat addition, you can more can a good dish spoon.


Be sure to try this hake in sauce with asparagus and peas, a very tasty and easy to prepare this great fish.


This is an easy and very tasty recipe, very typical of Andalucia, so much that you can find it in almost any bar as a tapa, so be prepared and prepare these .

como hacer pan integral casero con semillas - YouTube

Do not miss this very easy to prepare whole grain bread plus crispy outside and light and fluffy on the inside.

Receta de tarta de manzana

Do not miss this traditional recipe for making apple pie as in the pastry, so go for it is very easy and will be very tasty.

Pudin de dátiles receta fácil - Recetas de cocina con sabor tradicional

This is a dessert super easy to prepare and very sweet, a'si do not miss this traditional recipe for flan, pudding or trafficking of dates.

Paté de berenjena

This is a very traditional recipe, this is the eggplant puree or baba ghanoush, a very tasty eating mashed ideal for smearing on bread or as an accompaniment.

Receta fácil de roscón de reyes tradicional

This Christmas impresses your own by preparing this easy recipe of roscón de kings, with it you can make a traditional roscon very spongy and with a lot of f.

Receta de crema de langostinos y espárragos

Prepare the spoon to taste a unique dish, it is a cream of prawns and asparagus, an easy and very tasty recipe that you should not stop trying.


If you like spoon dishes and traditional cuisine, do not forget to try these chickpeas with pork handy, a very easy to prepare stew and a taste of goodness.

Receta de croquetas cremosas de pechuga de pollo - YouTube

This is a very easy recipe to prepare and unsurpassed taste, is some chicken wings with garlic and paprika, a very simple way to prepare this traditional rec.

Receta fácil de magro de cerdo en salsa

A very tasty and very easy sauce that you can not stop dipping bread meat, so go and prepare this recipe so easy and rich.