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Thats horrible but its the Truth! But I ALWAYS remember the good things he's done! ily Baby I'll ALWAYS b here for ya!

Will I like him so much  I will say that and I love him so much that if I do I all ways wonder if he was going to say yes or I will get in trouble

If he's my teacher.I would never ever do or write such things coz there's a chance that the principal might drop me and I am not going to see a handsome teacher like that everyday!

People really need to stop saying "Justin Bieber sucks" or "Justin Bieber's gay". Have you listened and watched his videos?! Even if he was though, what's the problem with that? If you don't like him don't bully others about it or state your comments. Please.. keep them to yourselves.  Sincerely, All Beliebers

There is a reason for that. Smart people don't like a pot smoking womanizer that's suppose to be a good Christian role-model. He breaks my heart.

Errrrr ma gerd!! Yes!!

Justin: I'm a fan of my Beliebers Me: Don't touch me I'm famous! Justin Bieber's my fan

Matt Espinosa everyone, I love him even more now♥

Matt Espinosa likes justin bieber cause he kinda looks like him no affence

Just imagine being judged by the whole world DON'T CRY PLEASE BIEBS! !!!!!!!!

Sad part people judge others without even knowing them.bt they don't liked to b judged by others