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luna moth

9 animals you might not know are native to the U.S.

car sez: SAFE!    Actias Luna Moth - Green Lunar Moth

Found this guy hanging on our screen door. Very cool looking moth.

Luna Moth Clipart - Clipart Suggest

Hopefully my new tattoo.  Luna Moth


GAFunkyFarmhouse: Weekend Wonders: Beautiful Butterflies and Moths of Georgia; I love Luna moths and really hope to one day see one up close!

via http://transparent-flowers.tumblr.com/post/54865044354

A collection of over labeled flowers, cacti, animals, and bouquets.

Messy Butterflies & Moths - A series of paintings - MORE ART, LESS CRAFT

Original - Luna Moth Painting Moth Art Butterfly Art Fine Art by Danielle Trudeau

Pink orchid praying mantis, Borneo. Incredible camouflage

Amazing camouflage of the Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) lives in Thailand and Malaysia.

Chinese Moon Moth or Chinese Luna Moth (Actias dubernardi)

Chinese Comet Moth / Actias Dubernardi / Chinese Kite - by blepharopsis on DeviantART.

Asian luna moth (Actias selene). Saturniid.

Luna moth: Luna moth, Species (Actias luna) of saturniid moth of eastern North America.

Cocoon and Butterfly Cartoons. Butterfly and Bird Catoons. Caterpillar and Bird Cartoons. Butterfly and Caterpillar illustration. Butterfly and Caterpillar artworks. Butterfly, bird and Caterpillar Illustrations.

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