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When you're a wine lover, grocery shopping goes something like this. every damn time

Why can't I have this already?

A wine glass for those who love wine. Closest thing to a never ending glass of wine I've ever seen. I want.

Dammit. If I brush my teeth now, I can't finish my wine in bed!

Delema: If I brush my teeth now, I can't finish my wine in bed!

A life without stupid people? I think we have signed up for the wrong profession.. Hehe

You have noooo idea how many times a day i say something like this! or i say i want to send all stupid people to a freezing cold island in alaska but same thing!

I do not understand how anyone can be addicted to drugs in a world with chocolate, ice cream, lasagna and internet - minions

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My life is a constant battle between my love of food and not wanting to get fatter!

Note to self: always carry a corkscrew. You never know when you might be handed a bottle of #wine.

just be sure to take it out of your carry on luggage or TSA will be the ones finding the wine.