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Absolut Woodstock

30 Absolut Vodka Ads

Refreshing Pantone Absolut Bottles Already noticed on Fubiz for his collaboration with Nike graphic designer Txaber redesigned creative vodka brand Absolut bottles. Before his work Krizia Soetaniman covered them with Marvel heroes costumes.

I-Mockery.com | Halloween Advertisements!    www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/halloween-ads/#

It's the Halloween week, and even though we don't celebrate it here in Brazil we can see all over the internet posts about it. That's why we decided to write this article and select some of the coolest vintage Halloween images.

Imatges trobades pel Google de http://www.promptfolio.hu/images/graphic/original/absolut-floyd.jpg

Imatges trobades pel Google de http://www.promptfolio.hu/images/graphic/original/absolut-floyd.jpg

<b>It is unquestionably the best print campaign in the history of advertising.</b> 55 ads.

The Best Of The Great Absolut Ads

We have selected 28 Fantastic Absolut Vodka Ads and I’m sure that you’re going to truly appreciate our collection. lthough Absolut Vodka has an impressive

absolut piercing

Absolut Vodka has, over the years, produced one of the most memorable advertising campaigns in history.

ABSOLUT WATER. Absolut Vodka

Inspired by the Absolut Vodka Ads The idea for this piece is from a friend. Done with Absolut Water