Orthodox Icon of Abraham and Isaac Did you know that the Genesis story of Abraham and Isaac is one of the outstanding internal proofs that the Bible has been given to us by God? It is well established that this story was in the hands of the Jews long before the time of Jesus Christ – and yet it contains undeniable evidence that all that happened to Jesus was predicted in this story long ago.

Αβρααμ & Ισαακ" __Ειδικός υπολογισμός. Εορτάζει την Κυριακή μεταξύ 18 και 24 Δεκεμβρίου εκάστου έτους (

Monastery Stavronikita, Athos. Part V

40-day-old Jesus meets Elder Simeon in the Jerusalem Temple - The Feast of the Meeting of the Lord - http://www.stjosephmelkitecatholicchurch.org/album5/index.album/p-alignleftbifebruary-2-the-hypapante-or-encounter-of-our-lord-with-simeon-the-just?i=3

Jesus breaks bread and passes it out to the multitude.Matthew 14:13-21 Mark 6:30-44 Luke 9:10-17 John 6:1-14

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