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How to woo a Whovian...take notes, boys.

Tardis Engagement Ring box Hey, there, future husband. If you're out there, you should totally use a ring box like this when you propose to me.

Grow my own 10 th doctor?  Yes please!

Doctor Who Grow your own Tenth Doctor Who * Activation by Donna Noble may be necessary to complete the regrowth of Doctor Caution! This item may activate when the Tardis is in close proximity store properly

How is it that a picture could describe my reality so perfectly?

Yeah, I get this with Harry Potter references all the time from friends.I'm a nerd!

Know it all people annoy me especially the idiot that has never met me but thinks she knows every thing about me...guess again. Maybe you should take notes of how much of a wonderful person I am and try to be a better person.

Sorry, you are out of refills for your Knowitall prescription. Looks like you're gonna have to shut up. I don't like to say shut up but it's getting pretty annoying with the know it alls.

OpPURRate ? That’s CATastrophic news, now I’m FELINE much less happy then I was prior to this conversation doctor ‍⚕️

Choose Wisely - and before you make your final decision, I should warn you - Prune juice looks freakin' disgusting.

dirty.ru — Популярное — Всё вместе

dirty.ru — Популярное — Всё вместе


Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Infinity KNIT scarf - made to order.I nerd in me wants to buy all her scarfs!

David Tennant as the Ghost of Christmas Present on The Catherine Tate Show. Re-pinning to watch later because you CAN'T not watch something with David AND Catherine.

David Tennant as the Ghost of Christmas Present on The Catherine Tate Show! His entrance was EPIC! I could watch him dance to Ghostbusters theme all day! Pin now watch later