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ヴィンテージ・チョアジャケット http://antiques-saudade.com/pg224.html

Antique Azulejo Tile Jewelry from Portugal! SAUDADE https://www.etsy.com/shop/Atrio?ref=si_shop

Joao Gilberto: Joao Gilberto – The Legend/Antiques & Curios (Chega De Saudade/O Amor O Sorriso E A Flor/Joao Gilberto/rare tracks)

Thanks for looking at my arcade coffee grinder. There is some damage shown in the last picture and the grommet that holds the glass to the metal is missing. The jar though is free of any cracks or damage. View pictures closely and ask any questions before purchase. Thanks for looking and do not forget to offer! | Shop this product here: http://spreesy.com/Antiques/938 | Shop all of our products at http://spreesy.com/Antiques | Pinterest selling powered by Spreesy.com

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