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Creepypasta party!! I don't even know why... but I found this hilarious, oh me and my messed up mind :p

The rake ticci Toby slender man Ben drowned Jeff the killer eyeless jack smile dog and B.

Ben Drowned

This week's Bottled Pasta is BEN! The idea to include Navi was from so thank you! BEN belongs to Art . BEN in a Bottle

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Tell the world I'm coming home, Let the rain hit my face, An wash away all the pain, cuz In the end one by one, Two by two eventually its me against YOU.


This is awesome! For the newcomers it goes from the top to the bottom as: Lost Silver, BEN Drowned, Jeff the killer, Slenderman, Ticci Toby and Eyeless Jack Song: in the end Artist: black veil brides

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Here's a tribute to the popular horror stories known as Creepypasta, from which there is no good ending. The song lyrics are from Florence+The Machine, "Seven Devils" I love this song

I want one of BEN Drowned he is meh favorite

Jeff,Ben,sally,eyeless jack,and slenderman but who is the little girl making the little dolls? >>>>> I think the little girl is the doll maker.

Jeff the Killer this reminds me of  "Wake me up when september ends" by Green…

Jeff the Killer this reminds me of "wake me up when september ends" by Green Day: Creppypasta, Creepypasta Jeff The Killer, Creepy Pasta, September

It literally says 'EJ took your kidney

Gravity Falls/Creepypasta Not only did Jeff tell you to go to sleep, he also drew a turkey for you! Eyeless Jack stole your kidney though. Consider yourself a lucky person.