Fine b&w portrait

bullesdejapon: “Nicolas Guerin - Portrait of Jean Giraud alias Moebius. Moebius died today at the age of I think I’m going to read one by one all my Blueberry albums to forget this sad.

flashesofmagnesium:  Paul Newman by Annie Leibovitz

Newman's Law: Just when things look darkest, they go black. Paul Newman by Annie Leibovitz

Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn

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I have seen these amazing pictures of old men floating around and they are absolutely striking and haunting at times...amazing

Fotografia, il Festival di Roma sul tema del lavoro -

Homeless Irishman, East End, London, 1969 Photograph: Don Mccullin/Contact Press Images

ADVANCED STYLE: January 2015-i really need to get a red lipstick...

Jane Folds is a wonderful artist and master marionette maker. Like many of the Advanced Style ladies she has developed a perfect uniform that works for her everyday: red heart sunglasses, a black slip dress, red lip scarf and a mix of great accessories

Portraits, Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman Pablo Picasso, Vallauris, France 1954 All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.


Iggy - Martin Schoeller’s series of close up portraits of famous musicians, actors, fashion designers, athletes, etc…

Marlon Brando

Magnum Photo - Marlon Brando by Philippe Halsman USA, New York City. This photo has been taken as if Marlon is in deep thought or in a day dream. The style of the photo is like a fashion shoot yet tells a different story.

Babooshka, I think, grandma  called her headscarf...:)  ANYWAY... this was our head attire on windy and rainy and cold days when I was growing up...:)

Babooshka, grandma called her headscarf.:) ANYWAY. this was our head attire on windy and rainy and cold days when I was growing up.

Hendrik Kerstens - Fotografie simili a quadri fiamminghi

Dutch photographer Hendrik Kerstens has been photographing his daughter,