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9dbb742051f590e04993eae956cdce75.jpg 403×494 pixels

9dbb742051f590e04993eae956cdce75.jpg 403×494 pixels

For the bakers out there that want to impress others - here is the cake! Who needs a birthday cake idea? Bake small various colored cake balls. After they are finished, place in white cake mix and bake as directed! The outcome is beautiful!!

Polka dot cake Bake colored cake mix in cupcake tins. Then place in cake pan. Pour white cake mix batter over and bake.

Maybe time is a little less wibbly-wobbly when it's steam-powered  |  Cake Wrecks - Sunday Sweets: Steampunk!  (i want one!!)

TARDIS -Doctor Who Cake by JoWieneke of TheLittleCakePatch---not a perfect TARDIS, but a pretty amazing cake/showpiece!

the cake the fairies made in sleeping beauty! omg!

Sleeping beauty cake- I really want this for my birthday cake. not quite the same effect but for my this would be awesome :) (*wink* *wink* Kaley!


Snowflakes Penguin - this is, of course, a cake decorating tutorial, but I am using it for inspiration for a polymer clay idea!


My first shoe/box cake, very nervewracking but it worked PHEW . I only had 8 days for it to dry, but I would suggest at least 2 weeks drying time. I used modelling paste to make this shoe. 1 tsp gum tragacanth to sugarpaste.