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"We’re nearing the end of our year and I give WriteShop Junior D two thumbs up. I’m delighted with what my daughter has accomplished during the year." ~Heidi from Curriculum Choice

How to Use the WriteShop Homeschool Writing Program

"Each writing project comes with variations to either make the assignment easier or more challenging. Having these variable ideas helps me teach each lesson to children who are close in writing ability even though they are in different grade levels." Meet Penny reviews WriteShop Junior D.

How we Homeschool: Writing and Reading

How we Homeschool: Writing and Reading. Tips for using Writeshop homeschool writing curriculum

The Ultimate Guide to Free Vocabulary Games

Fun Grammar Games: Break the Rules! Game for Kids

Kids hate grammar rules? Let them break them all in this grammar game where the goal is to break all the grammar rules. Fun grammar games for the win!

Building a Writing Center for the Large Family with Special Learning Needs

One of our biggest struggles in our homeschool is teaching writing… It is hard for me.  Why?  Because I know I am NOT a strong writer.  That, right there, is likely why I don’t blog too…