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I Wanna Be The Guy is a few years old, but looks like a very entertaining retro style indy game. I haven't played it yet, but from videos and reading about it the game seems to be pretty difficult. Looks like fun, and free to download.

I think im gonna have to take some time off work for all these new games that I wanna play. Especially Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox One)

This part is so trippy because you don't even realize you're looking at yourself until the end... all the corpses in the game also wear clothes similar to what James wears. Talk about well-planned...

Gyruss - Classic carts back to back / Mark plays.... (SD) - Gyruss is a very nice shmup that is very similar to Galaga and Galaxian only with a conical/wrapping screen lay out and some fancy emulated ' scaling' effects creating a 3D look.

Weird officially hacked version of SMB for Famicom. This one isn't fan-made; it really was released by Nintendo (I believe as a tie-in to a local famous personality at the time). Has different sprites and levels than SMB (I personally find the different sprites pretty awful looking). Very interesting as I didn't know there were a bunch of official versions of SMB until a few years ago.

DeceasedCrab is an entertaining Youtube user focusing on going through old-school and lesser known video games in a Let's Play video series.