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Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss: Because I've Never Been a Woman of Few Words - book of wisdom and love for son going off the college. Sweet.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Family

Are you looking for the perfect family gift to buy or to add to your own family’s wish list? Here are 10 great family gifts!

Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

Time to buy a gift for your 10 year old boy but what? From books to robotics to games, this list of gift ideas for 10 year old boys and girls will help you find that perfect gift!

Gifts for 11-Year Old Boys

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Awesome sentimental gift. A mom gave this to her son on his wedding day. It's filled with everything she found in her son's pockets growing up when she did his laundry. <3

10 Survival Skills Every 12 Year Old Should Know

Does your twelve year old know these basic life skills? It's about time that he or she did (and frankly - all of us!) // Mom with a PREP

10 Ways To Create a Home of Warmth and Grace

We've all heard the familiar phrases"If mama ain’t happy ain't nobody happy” and “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Even though we throw those words around in a fun light-hearted way, there couldn’t be more truth hidden beneath them. We as moms hold an honored position of making or breaking the mood of anger, discontent, and crabbiness in our homes. Maybe you have found yourself like me, getting short-tempered with my kids when I wished I could have held my tongue or shown more grace in the…