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CB radio- my dad was "Shade Tree" and my Pawpaw was "Great Scott"

Pixie Sticks....penny candy

penny candy *Kids seem to love vintage candy. The Dollar Tree has a great selection of candy.

do you remember Gumby and Pokey?

Gumby and Pokey. lol, my cousin gave me his as long as I promised to keep them in perfect condition in case he wanted them back. Almost 25 years later, they're still in mint condition and my son has had his turn with them as well.

"Hey good look'n, we'll be back to pick you up later!"

Microphone Commercial: the kid on the bike says to the girl on the lawn, "Hey Good Lookin, I'll be back to pick you up later".

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Reel-to- Reel Tape Recorders Where Yesterdays Live - A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I so want one of these in my home.... I remember an aunt who had one when I was little. Just beautiful

I remember when Mom and Dad bought one of these, we thought we were high class! (just a little) lol