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I think I’ve said this close to a million times (give or take a few hundred thousand) – the only thing in science that matters is evidence. That’s it. It’s been clear to me for a …

Why you shouldn't trust other mothers on for birthing advice...particularly when it comes to UC or homebirth.

MEDIA: This article shows the reality between underage alcohol consumption and the relationship with social media and advertisement. I feel that this article really reflects the class discussions because it shows the power and influence the media has on people.

Are Your Kids at Risk from These Infectious Disease Outbreaks?

Information about the latest outbreaks and alerts of infectious diseases, from hepatitis A to MERS, that could be a risk to your kids.

Image of fact card states that despite all the noise, 93.4% of parents will or have already fully vaccinated their children.

The enormous economic value of vaccination – that is, the economic benefits of a vaccine far outweighs the costs – is often overlooked, especially by those who invent some massive conspiracy by &#8…