Liverpool Road From Kent Street, Downtown Sydney, AU

In The Apple Store On George Street. Downtown Sydney AU.

So How’s That Working Out For Ya? George Street, Sydney AU.

“I Just Want To earn My Money And Go Home”. Direct Quote From The Chief. Corner Or Hay And Thomas Street. Sydney AU.

Spotted Dove. Somewhere In There,….It’s There. Sydney AU.

Inspirational Quote Moment; “Want To Make Money At Photography? Sell Your Equipment.” ~ Every Photographer Ever. Sydney AU.

Inspirational Quote Moment; As My Great-Uncle Dark Feather Used To Say; “You Gonna Fuck Around And Fuck Around And One Day, You Ain’t Gonna BE Around!” Sydney AU.


Railway Crescent And Carilla Street, Burwood, Sydney AU.

Statue Of Lloyd Rees By Lawrence Beck. Town Hall At Druitt Street, Sydney AU.