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Breaky doodle by on @DeviantArt

Breaky doodle by peng-ko on DeviantArt

transformers prime scientists by on @deviantART- Shockwave seems very frustrated or confused by the other two. =D

Can you imagine doing a science project with these guys? Knockout would be yapping about himself the whole time. Ratchet would be trying to get Knockout to shut up. And Shockwave would just be in the corner shaking his head while he does all the work.

Transformers Prime Autobots

Transformers Prime Autobots teamshot by Dan-the-artguy on Deviantart (Autobot Beast Hunters!

War of the Cybertron - Transformers Prime version by on @deviantART

goddessmechanic: “ War of the Cybertron - Transformers Prime version Optimus prime & Ultra magnus ”

I'm not really a Megatron sympathizer but those words hit you deep. Transformers Prime - Your Are Missed

Love this picture of Megatron. Or is that Megatronus? Maybe he just won a victory in the gladiatorial arena?

Transformers Prime - How Breakdown Did Change✶ #TransformersPrime #TFP #TV_Show

Breakdown / Silas transformations<-----*bursts into tears* that last one scared me so bad in the episode.

has shared with us some cool concept artwork from Transformers Prime by way of a New Year's gift. The artwork showcases all the major characters in their r

Cliffjumper for Transformers: Prime Color: Augusto Barranco Copyright and TM Hasbro Studios.

The Autobots are missing Arcee....... She's probably telling off Smokescreen and Wheeljack.

Transformers Prime - Team Autobots & Team Decepticons (With Cybertron in the Background)✶

transformers prime optimus and wheeljack gif - Google keresés

transformers prime optimus and wheeljack gif - Google keresés

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''You've been Knocked out, did you?~''<<<no, just stunned