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Silhouette and action together makes a great shot! What do you think of this photo? Share your thoughts here

Wonderful photo of a lily pad pond! I like the composition and the colors are lovely! Share your thoughts here

What a beautiful portrait shot! The lighting captured in her eyes is stunning! #photographytalk #portrait

What a catchy high key portrait, personally I think the thick black frame works for this shot. Take a look at this one, what are your thoughts on it? #photographytalk #blackandwhitephotography

Flowers can make great subjects to shoot for a variety of reasons. Take this photo, the colors are so vibrant. I would like to hear your thoughts, also if you have some good floral shots... let's see them!

Lighthouses make great subjects to photograph. Take a look at this lighthouse, the color and the way the line of blocks lead your eyes around makes this a winner. You be the judge of it