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Detail views of 46.191, depicting (clockwise from top left): Saint John the Baptist, Saint John, Saint Christopher, the Lord of Hosts, and Saint Mark

The Tree of Life Date: first half 17th century Culture: British Medium: Canvas worked with silk thread; tent, Gobelin, and couching stitches

Cape Date: late 16th century Culture: Spanish Medium: silk, metal thread


Mussels and a Crab from Hours of Catherine of Cleves, Master of Catherine of Cleves, about 1440. The Morgan Library and Museum

A medieval bookmark that tells you where you are in the book: the rope was attached to the binding and placed between two pages. The reader subsequently pulled down the marker along the rope to the line where he had stopped reading. Since an open medieval book often presented 4 text columns, the reader then turned the disk to indicate in which column he had left off. In this case we read “4” in medieval Arabic numerals - the column on the far right. 13th or 14th century

Commentary, MS M.429 fol. 183r - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts - The Morgan Library & Museum