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Read More About 7 Yoga Poses for Weight Loss, Body Toning & Firm Butts

Most of us will probably admit we could do with big a bit healthier, especially those of us who work in an office. And it’s dramatically affecting our health, with a sedentary lifestyle increasing our chances of diabetes, heart problems and

Guide To Office Yoga Without Looking Weird

9 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk Without Looking Really Weird (Infographic) - Hack Spirit

Yoga improves regulation of the stress hormone cortisol http://yogahobby.com

Yoga Takes Flight! Arm-Balancing Split

Become a Crow master already? The Arm Balancing Split not only requires upper-body and core strength but also takes some major hamstring and hip flexibility.

All yoga poses have two versions: English and Sanskrit. Many times you can get lost in the Sanskrit if you don't know what is going on. Here are 10 yoga phrases for beginners that you should know.

10 Yoga Phrases You Need to Know to Help You on Your Yoga Journey

partner yoga poses infographic

Grab your Bestie or Partner NOW and do THIS!

Are you looking great yoga poses for two people to do with your bestie, partner or coworkers? Here are the 7 partner yoga poses for you!

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20 Things You Must Know Before You Start Practicing Yoga

Back problems? Try this quick yoga flow sequence for the beginner or the advanced to find relief in your spine. Pin for later!

4 Minute Yoga Flow For A Bad Low Back - Get Healthy U

This workout will help relieve or prevent low back pain in just 4 minutes. This slow flow series of yoga poses is designed to gently release back tension.

Recover quickly and get going again with these great yoga recovery exercises!

Easy yoga moves for running recovery

The Best Yoga Poses for Post-Workout Recovery: This is how you can speed up the recovery after running, cycling, or any cardio workout!