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printing press activities.

Art Study – Medieval Illumination Amazing detailed, step-by-step instructions for making your own illuminated manuscript, just like those created by the monks in Medieval times.

Are your students busy talking about this new game floating around? There are TONS of videos on social media about this game and my older elementary students keep talking about it. I decided to go with their interests and target TONS of language skills at the same time! I found this You Tube video with …

Pie in the Face Speech & Language Fun

How can a pie in the face video be used in speech therapy? I talk through how I used this funny video with my speech students!

¡Hemos descubierto un blog de #matematicas muy divertido! http://www.tekmanbooks.com/blog/blog-matematicas-divertido/

The Elementary Math Maniac Math Literature to use in the Elementary classroom.

Make a Cardboard Hobby Horse

Story of the World-Ancients

Story of the World History Timeline Helps

These are sample pictures from my Story of the World Timeline Book. the other two are sample pages: Let me firs.

Checking for comprehension the target language: Four basic meaning-based questions

Note: Much of my knowledge about comprehension checks has come from Betsy Paskvan, a Japanese teacher here in Anchorage, AK. Betsy has presented many times on checking for comprehension at state an.