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'They say that virtue is its own reward, but when that surf comes in I'm gonna get my board/ Got my own ideas about the righteous kick, you can keep the rewards, I'd just as soon stay sick.'

The Cramps “Bikini Girls with Machine Guns” Enigma Records A single from the album “Stay Sick” Produced by Poison Ivy. Cover photo by Lux Interior Thanks Joe Blossom.

Red Witch, Old Hollywood lover, red lipstick enthusiast, Stevie Nicks worshipper, wanderlust...

Julian Hibbard is an English photographer. His enigmatic, award-winning images maintain a tension between the real and the imagined - evoking beginnings, endings, hidden narratives and the inevitable passage of time.

Bill Clinton closed most of the psychiatric facilities...probably because they were filled with liberals

Bill Clinton closed most of the psychiatric facilities...probably because they were filled with liberals

Pez Guns!!! Who had one! :)

Vintage Pez poster promoting the Pez Space Gun container. Note that at the Pez Space Gun comes "loaded" and includes a "space gun permit.

Tijdens de zwijnenjacht komen Collin, Lindsey en Hassan veel te weten over DAC en Katrina, het nieuwe vriendinnetje van Hassan. Ze betrapten hen toen ze tijdens de jacht ergens aan het vrijen waren. Collin is heel boos maar mocht er niets van tegen Lindsey zeggen. Uiteindelijk deed hij dit toch en maakt ze het uit met DAC.

whiskeymotorcycle: this (The Messes of Men)

Averia will have a sniper rifle or a shotgun as her signature weapon

Found on the Net

Found on the Net

Personally I would go with poison....<<<Make sure it isn't a poison that'll work instantly. If it does, you'll most likely instantly be suspect #1. On top of that, the longer it takes to kill them, the more painful it'll be. Advantages to being a writer... Knowing how to murder your characters correctly.

I'd use a plastic knife and when I stab into them I'd snap it so the bits are shattered into the wound and they die a slow, painful, infected death.

This site has many apothecary labels to choose from.

Potion Ingredients Label by Love Manor. LOVE this idea to make a potion cabinet! Would even be cute in the bathroom!

Steampunk Harley

Poison Ivy y Harley Quinn

More Bg same size as Poison Ivy! Full body now coz she will match Ivy;s Illustration to look at the center Batman! Harley Queen a Gun Diva WIP

Pick Your Poison... David Uhl


Official Website of Fine Artist David Uhl. Collections include motorcycle art, aviation art, automotive art, pin-up art.