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Unicorn Spit Challenge

Unicorn Spit Challenge

Beautiful table done for a community art facility called the Lampshade. My artsy fun cabinet which I absolutel…

Unicorn SPiTwhisperer  #SPiTchallenge

Unicorn SPiTwhisperer #SPiTchallenge

In order to tell you all the Unicorn SPiT story; This may not be the average DIY post. But it is my personal DIY, because I did it myse…

s 13 mind blowing things you can do with this magical new stain, painted furniture, painting, You Can Add Eye Catching Accents

13 Mind-Blowing Things You Can Do With This Magical New Stain

Unicorn SPiT Wooden Recipe Box - unicorn spit wooden recipe box, crafts, SPiTin Pretty Love the look of this

Unicorn SPiT Wooden Recipe Box

Inside/Out Art SPiT Sand exterior with soft sandpaper, smooth any rough edges and remove any old varnish/paint.

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Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain is NON TOXIC and NO VOC and smells like jasmine! This technique only gets a 3 demensional effect if done with Unicorn SPiT Gel Stain.

Unicorn SPiT bench seat

This bench is out of this world. The seat is done in multiple colors of Unicorn Spit using the stain press technique. The body is painted in a custom mix Annie…

peek a boo bowl - unicorn spit on glass bowl

How to buy a plain glass bowl at Goodwill, but make it look like elegant blown Renaissance glass:

This beautiful glass uses Unicorn SPiT and dishwasher-safe modge podge.  Looks gorgeous!

Spit on Glass

They say you can use Unicorn SPiT on just about any material, so I decided to try it on a wine glass. I just love how it turned out!You apply the Unicorn SPiT g…

Sample indoor gratitude/smile tree with paper flower messages about what brings us laughter and joy.  #GratitudeTree

Sample indoor gratitude/smile tree with paper flower messages about what brings us laughter and joy.

Unicorn Spit by Michelle Gordon

SO MANY beautiful ways to use Unicorn Spit!! {Reality Daydream}

Unicorn spit

Unicorn spit

This outdated dresser was going to be used by a young man. His mom wanted something different for this special guy, so here's what I did. First I cleaned and sc…

Update an Old Dresser with Vibrant Splatter