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if they werent nocturnal little guys, i d SO have a fennec fox

hahahaha aww it has big ears. It isn't a Corgi, but what is it? A Chihuahua trying to be a Corgi? No, it is actually a FENNEC FOX, native to the Sahara Desert in northern Africa--cute little thing! The ears help it to difuse heat.

Hmm, chinchilla?  Nope.  Probably a kinkajou (sp?)

"Wombat - Native only to Australia, wombats are solitary, marsupials who feed mostly on grass and roots." That ain't a wombat! That's a possum!

Baby fennec fox hasn' grown into his ears.

Funny pictures about Tiny Baby Fennec Fox. Oh, and cool pics about Tiny Baby Fennec Fox. Also, Tiny Baby Fennec Fox photos.

Chevrotain, smallest member of deer family

baby mouse deer - one of the world's smallest hoofed animals into the world. Mouse Deer, also known as Chevrotains, are neither mouse nor deer :)

White Harbor Seal  Beyond Precious  Please pray that humans will open their eyes & stop the horrendous torture to these loving beings.

Albino deer cute baby animals Baby harp seals r my favorite animal and if it was legal this is the only pet I would ever consider having hah.

baby fox

Baby Fennec Fox.

baby fennec fox - pretty sure there isn't a more adorable animal on the planet.<<< Oh no. I had gotten over wanting a fennec fox.

Koalas are too cute

The Best of Awwducational: Fun Facts About Adorable Animals

Funny pictures about Baby Koala Just Chilling. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Koala Just Chilling. Also, Baby Koala Just Chilling photos.