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Strawberry  Fields

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Mico Toledo's Music Philosophy project - The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields"

Music Philosophy: Famous Lyrics as Typographic Art

"Living is easy with your eyes closed misunderstanding all you see" The Beatles, Strawberry Fields

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we are the kids your parents warned you about. dedicado con todo mi amor para Ramirez y Basile Bahrs Basile

Я разрушаю сам себя, но слишком устал, чтобы думать об этом

even if the mere notion of you is close to being ethereal, one could not deny of you being sinful.

where is my good boy/girl/otherfriend who loves me. where do I by one who can see past all my fucking messed up behavoir

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"Why don't you stow your crap and quit trying to push your 'bad side' onto everyone you stand next to." "You haven't even seen my bad side yet.

You win. Have won. The entire time. No matter what, this was your desired outcome. It wouldn't have mattered if I had never fought back, or even if I had kept quiet, or even tried being nice. Nothing I could have or should have done would have changed a thing. So, you win. I am gone. No longer any part of this equation. So, please. Leave me be. Allow me peace after a year of having none. Let me live my life ..the one I was rebuilding before all of this.

And there I am surrounded by this light feeling it entirely fill my body. I'm dying, I thought becoming an angel wouldn't result in my death. But this is it Game over I lose