wooden custom storage crates. I couldn't find the right size and style that I wanted for my laundry room so we made them. Each crate sits on top of the cabinets and holds seasonal items. The numbers on each crate represent a family member's birthday to help keep everything organized.

the custom storage crates in their new laundry-room home. could also be used in an office, study room, playroom, etc.

Look at all this storage-dream come true. It would be perfect with this much desk space at different heights on the other side of the room and a big layout island with storage in the middle of the room!

corner shelving in laundry room. big tin bucket holds miscellaneous stuff while the rest is just to add color to the room. I used an antique heating grate (green) to add color and texture to the top shelf then filled in with a variety of mason jars filled with sea glass and shells that I collected on vacations. The pink flowers are just girly and fun...because seriously, I'm the only one who spends time in the laundry room, so I should be the one who loves it the most!

an antique suitcase that a friend gave to me. Just decorate it with whatever you have on hand...I used antique books (can never have enough of those!) and flowers. I loved the inside fabric and the pockets in the lid, so I emphasized those by putting books in them. A great way to decorate a large space (this is on top of a built-in).

an antique tool caddy filled with seasonal flowers, candles and birds' nest with embossed tag. makes a great coffee table centerpiece for spring and summer

display decoupaged seasonal items...in this case, pumpkins and gourds, on a mirrored tray and at different levels (I used a cake stand) to create interest.

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