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interesting image from BBC news website.

HM Revenue and Customs 'missing cigarette smuggling targets' - BBC News

Lung cancer cell division.  Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a lung cancer cell during cell division (cytokinesis). The two daughter cells remain temporarily joined by a cytoplasmic bridge (centre). Cancer cells divide rapidly in a chaotic, uncontrolled manner. They may clump to form tumours, which invade and destroy surrounding tissues.

This is a scanning electron micrograph (SEM), coloured by Steve Gscheissner, of a lung cancer cell dividing. The two daughter cells remain temporarily joined at the cytoplasmic bridge.

What Color is the Lung Cancer Ribbon?: Lung Cancer Ribbon

What Color is the Lung Cancer Ribbon?

One App For Everything Nail Art

Black Tip Gel Nails....I would go opposite white tips with black glitter

Infographic: Lung Cancer Risks and Prevention

Lung #Cancer Risks and Prevention - #Infographics #health

The average age for a lung cancer diagnosis is A high-risk patient smokes at least 1 pack of cigarettes per day and is between 55 and This infographic shows other risk factors for lung cancer.

My mom's bffs mom sadly died of all cancers WE LOVE YOU TEMASA

7 Best Images of Printable Cancer Awareness Color Chart - Meaning Colors Cancer Awareness Ribbons, Cancer Ribbon Colors and Meaning Colors Cancer Awareness Ribbons

Breast Cancer Ribbon Butterfly Tattoo

Breast Cancer Ribbon Butterfly Tattoo- I like this but a yellow ribbon to represent my endometriosis or a different coloured ribbon to represent my multiple medical issues

OPI - "Breathe Life" benefitting Lung Cancer Awareness (a pearly light blue)

OPI Breathe Life Nail Lacquer is created exclusively to help the Lung Cancer Foundation of America in its efforts to raise funds for early detection, diagnosis

Cancer Ribbon Color Chart | What Is Cancer? How to Control Cancer ~ MediMiss

What Is Cancer? How to Control Cancer

Cuba has for several years had a promising therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer. The 55-year trade embargo led by the US made sure that Cuba was mostly where it stayed. Until—maybe—now.

Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine—And America Wants It

Coloured X-ray of the chest of an 84 year old woman with a malignant (cancerous) tumour (yellow) in the apex of the right lung (top left).