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OMG! I was just talking about this earlier. The laundry really never stops!

This is the truth.and me and mom are the oy ones in the house who have to do laundry so wen i do it i get suoer excited seeing no dirty clothes until i see my dad walk in the door then the moment ends!

Sometimes success is just

Free, Mother's Day Ecard: Sometimes success is just getting the laundry into the dryer before the mildew sets in.

Over and over, then you lie and pretend like you're innocent. You should be ashamed of yourself!

actually means I will still throw it in the washer and then the drier!

This is so me!

The only thing I hate more than having a dirty house is cleaning.

10 more months until Ben returns from Korea and this momma is gonna sleep like I am drug induced!

Funny Baby Ecard: I love you so much my darling, but the second your father comes home I'm gonna bust out of here like I'm escaping Alcatraz. Don't we all have days like this.


It's only a vacation if you leave the kids at home.

WooHooo! Bring on the HOT firefighters!!

I'll be sitting around knitting, THEN press my Life Alert button while I wait for the hot firefighters to show up!


In celebration of all things mom-ish (because: Mother& Day) we have collected all of our favourite Mom Memes from the internet.

About three things I was absolutely positive. First I loved Twilight.Second I love Edward and third Ill never get over seeing Carlisle's decapitated head....

That awful moment when you're watching The Shining, and you realize the rotting corpse making out with Jack Nicholson has a better bod than you do.

SELFIES... Because shamelessly flaunting your narcissism is trendy and cool.

In honor of Gay Pride Month, feel free to ask me an overly personal question about how lesbian sex works.