The complete world of colors in watercolor, made 200 years ago. Artist Philipp Otto Runge mapped white, black, and the primary colors as poles on a sphere. The circle at the bottom left is a slice through the equator of this imaginary color planet. • These color spheres inspired the logo for our blog, The Iris, which re-launched yesterday with a new design, and the text of over 1,000 posts available for reuse via a Creative Commons license. Link in bio!

beautiful drawings by Philipp Otto Runge in 1810, depicting the first attempt to create a truly comprehensive 3D color system. The Color Sphere is so much cooler than the color wheel.

Painter Philipp Otto Runge's 3-dimensional color sphere, complete with cross-sectioning #history #color_wheel

getting the itten color chart right in college was an arduous task, but i so appreciate it now. itten love.

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