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The complete world of colors in watercolor, made 200 years ago. Artist Philipp Otto Runge mapped white, black, and the primary colors as poles on a sphere. The circle at the bottom left is a slice through the equator of this imaginary color planet. • These color spheres inspired the logo for our blog, The Iris, which re-launched yesterday with a new design, and the text of over 1,000 posts available for reuse via a Creative Commons license. Link in bio!

Antique Color Wheels

<p>The story of the Color Wheel is a very interesting one which I would strongly suggest reading over at Imprint, for a full history class. But in the meantime here are visuals that are most appealing

Phillipp Otto Runge’s Color Sphere (Die Farbenkugel). The top two images show the surface of the sphere, while the bottom two show horizontal and vertical cross sections.

Philipp Otto Runge The colour-sphere has the pure colours around the equator, starting with the three primary colours of red, yellow and bl...

Johannes Itten. Color Sphere in 7 Light Values and 12 Tones (Farbenkugel in 7 Lichtstufen und 12 Tönen). 1921. Lithograph. composition…

Wilhelm Wundt « colorsystem Die Wundtsche Farbenkugel von 1874 weist entlang des Äquators acht Grundfarben in gleich großen Segmenten auf, die sich zum weißen beziehungsweise schwarzen Pol hin stufenweise verändern. Der Farbenkegel von 1893 baut ähnlich auf sechs Ausgangsfarben auf, die alle einer schwarzen Spitze zustreben.