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Chamäleon Pflaster werden auf der Haut zum unsichtbaren Verband

I hate the way that some bandages really stick out on your skin - especially on the face. With the Chameleon Bandage – Band-aid Redesign by Xue Xing Wu, Zi Yu Li, Yue Hua Zhu & Zhi Qiang Wang, it will camouflage to your skin tone.

This cool gadget helps you write in a straight line by using lasers to guide you.

This cool gadget helps you write in a straight line by using lasers to guide you. I so need that and a gadget to help with my hand writing, that would be awesome!

The HotTug. A Motorized Floating Wood-Fired Hot Tub!

The HotTug. A Motorized Floating Wood-Fired Hot Tub!

This would be so stinking fun at Lake Powell (at night, not during the day) The boys can get a Blob and us girls can get a hot tug! The HotTug is a motorized hot tub boat available to own or rent. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

3D Drucker Stift

This is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings.

Genius Ideas and Best Home Gadgets at the36thavenue.com

10 Clever Gadgets Everyone Should Have

Today I am sharing a bunch of Clever Ideas and Home Gadgets that in my opinion everyone should have. These are seriously awesome and for sure will make your life and mine a lot easier!

<b>At one point in our life, we all had and loved our own toys.</b> But now that we've grown up, the kids are getting all the cool stuff. From <a href="http://www.yourfleece.com/blog/instructographic2/" target="_blank">Monster Backpacks that look awesome</a> to Hobbit Playhouses, they get it all.

Action Heroes with 3D Printed Heads of Yourself

Just send Firebox a couple of headshots and they’ll send you a custom action figure head along with the body of Superman, Batman, The Joker, Wonder Woman, or Batgirl. When your kit arrives you can pop off their original head and replace it with yours

JoeyBra - new international sensation for the sexy, pocketed bra! Super comfortable!

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JoeyBra The first sexy & comfortable pocket bra. JoeyBra gives you the freedom to go anywhere, do anything, and carry anything without lugging a purse. Discreetly holds a cellphone, ID, and key on the side of your bra with easy access. I can make this!

Wendeltreppe mit Rutsche

Spiral Stairs with slide- I want one of these in my next house for the kids and the old folks too!

Cloud shaped couch that floats in mid-air with magnetic force

26 Products You Can’t Believe Don’t Exist Yet. Here's one of them: A levitating sofa that uses a giant magnet to simulate sitting on a cloud.

Icy chess                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Never mind all that thinking, strategy and chin stroking, the Ice Speed Chess Set is all about winning the game before your pieces melt!