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Remington and Rossi

Remington and Rossi

This is a great idea. "Every Friday, I dress our family dog in a funny costume and put a picture in my kid's lunch boxes to brighten their day. This week, the dog is wearing their school uniform." So sweet :)

Now this is some funny stuff! Its amazing how mans best friends loves us with all his heart and we chop him knowing darn well hell never understand its for his own good!

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I Double-Derp Dare You -- What, are you chicken? Go ahead, lick the window. I promise your tongue won’t get stuck. (You will, however, look like a total dork for our amusement.

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This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

These two melt my heart, what a beautiful friendship between a boy and his dog

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Animals do the best photo bombs. These seriously make me laugh EVERY time! Who has some good photo bombs from our furry friends?

okay okay do as you think is best.

"To catch the squirrel, you must become the squirrel:. The dog has started dressing like a squirrel to get to know his enemy, the squirrel.his movements, his motivations, and to understand the squirrel's desire for nuts.