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It is Pronounced Tarj-ayyyy! Target brands might not be the highest performing items on eBay (except for the special designer promotions) but there is a way you can get top dollar for USED clothing!

Ian Bilbey - based in London. Creates products, graphics and clothing for a number of brands including Paul Smith, Wallpaper Magazine, Penguin Books, Sir Terence Conran and The Royal Mail.

Amazing 3D street art by Greenpeace in Amsterdam – warning people about toxic chemicals from big name clothing brands in their laundry. Another reason to buy organic!

60+ of the Best Halloween Crafts Ever

Cheesecloth Ghosts These spirited fellows are a cinch to make once you've set up a workstation. To do so, stack one small paper cup atop another that's turned upside down and tape them together. Inflate a small balloon and rest it in the top cup. Cut cheesecloth into pieces that measure about eight inches square and fill a bowl with fabric stiffener. Step 1: Soak a piece of cheesecloth in fabric stiffener and immediately drape it over the balloon. Let dry for 10 minutes. Step 2: Pop…