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It's a strange feeling when you are chastised for standing up for yourself against traumatic and soul crushing mental and emotional abuse. I'm glad to say that I can now walk away the better person. It's just a shame that I've been so damaged that both fo

Why? Because I don't forget. Because I know you can bring them to life. Because I don't believe any of your stories about why it can't happen. Because I'll ask you what the first step might be and then ask you what's keeping you from taking it. Because I'll see through all of the BS. Because I'll tell you the truth. Because after a few minutes you'll realize that it's all a lot simpler than you think and there won't be any more excuses left to not take action. Because I'll show you…

Money doesn't buy everything, but it needs to say it can buy a book on how to be a real mother instead o being a grown ass child. A weight loss program, a plastic surgery make over and some balls o beng a real woman. Some people may live in a nice house, but they are not happy they live a lie and most of all they are fake. things that are the truth

GOLD & SILVER UPDATE: AS JAPAN PIVOTS TOWARD PHYSICAL GOLD, U.S. PENSIONS STILL CAN’T BUY ANY « SGTreport – The Corporate Propaganda Antidote – Silver, Gold, Truth, Liberty, & Freedom

The One Truth of Digital Marketing - Money Can’t Buy Love, Can’t Even Buy You A Like

"I don't want any part of the American Dream. Its all about buying crap you can't afford. I want my own dream!" - Melinda Collings #family #happy #kids #life #travel #debt #lifestyle #nature #landscape #quotes #quote #inspiration #motivation #quoteoftheday #success #wisdom #qotd #dailyquote #love #advice #achieve #reflection #truth #leadership #success #goals #dreams #tips #happiness #ditchingsuburbia #americandream

I bet you can add about 100 things to this list by Frank Sonnenberg, though it’s a pretty great list already.

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