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D.A.R.E. I was in the 5th grade and was a cheerleader for the Say No To Drugs day.

Sad thing is, over half of my classmates were in three D. program with me and ended up using drugs and are now strung out! Thankfully, I don't use drugs and became a pharmacy technician.

As an atheist who spent time in a foxhole (or two) I'd like to thank the Freedom From Religion Foundation. (sorry if repost) - Imgur

Some soldiers - some warriors - are so brave and so strong that they fight for their country while knowing there is no afterlife and no magical god to save them.

If there was a god, he'd be a real piece of shit for the things he has done and allowed.

~written on a cell wall by a Jewish prisoner in Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Auschwitz

Atheist parenting Tips  ...recognize that it is normal.  Keep your own discomfort out of it..

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary, Children. Atheist Parenting Tips. Work hard to normalize it. Almost nothing else brings out our own issues. Get familiar with yours. Let's raise a generation of children without shame.

When you quote the bible to me, you are re-establishing my atheism and my belief that you are crazy.

I went to a Christian school for 11 years. I feel like I've heard every single bible verse there is. I can't help but tune out when verses are recited.

I agree with many parts of this even though I am not a atheist.

Atheism I don't consider myself an atheist.but I am in agreement with this statement.infected with a parasitic virus called EGO.