Gone are the days of the simple photo album. Thanks to the rise of digital photography, we have many more creative ways for displaying our travel photographs. Check out these five inspirations for printing, framing, binding and blowing up your favorites photos.

Inspiration: Displaying Travel Photos

creative ways to display your photos Want to frame your pictures, but don’t like making holes in your walls? Use the re-attachable wall decal photo frames a HUGE collection of stuff!

You Need To Know About… Framebridge

You Need To Know About… Framebridge (Cricket's Circle Blog)

Framebridge: Custom framing art just got a whole lot easier and more affordable, thanks to this brilliant new service.

for skylar...

I need to get me some more vintage cameras! Great way to show off your vintage camera collection. Hang them on the wall with a vintage frame.

Jason Polan framed art; lovely display and photo

Retailers Try Their Hand as Gallerists

There are now so many places to find affordable artwork that it is hard not to have impressive wall art.

great picture frame

Fira Santorini Greece - Print with tiny box frame / Framed Print - cm x cm

love that painted wall with pictures! Photo by Molly Yeh by wilybrunette, via Flickr

the ebullient and ever-charming Molly Yeh came yesterday to help me try to capture just why it is that i love this particular .