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The Outernet will free the Internet! (It looks like the Borg!!!)

The Outernet will free the Internet!

JOJO POST TECH GATE: How The Outernet Will Free The Internet From Space - A game-changing project called the Outernet aims to bring free, unlimited and universal web access to the entire planet.

9 Ways to Improve Page Load Time

9 Ways to Improve Page Load Time

The quality of that theme is that it is not overloaded from heavy images and ensures a fast loading speed. Created with the latest web design trends, this theme allows you to advertise your design in a best possible way.

Responsive design is more important than ever - potential clients are sneaking peaks at your website during work! Responsive Website Design: Everything You Need To Know Infographics]

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How consumers are using multiple devices at once. For more marketing resources and tips visit Gaynor Parke Social Media Specialist Propel Marketing

7 Web Design Elements You Shouldn't Overlook | Spruce Rd. #webdesign

7 Web Design Elements You Shouldn’t Overlook

7 web design elements you should never ignore // There are a few common web design elements that designers neglect to include for their web developer. Don't make these mistakes when designing your website.

What is responsive web design and why is it important? Find out in this handy infographic.

Responsive Web Design Simplified [Infographic] - 'Net Features - Website Magazine this is also an SEO topic.