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Ветхие страницы - А ну-ка, девушки!

hang around. (International pupils at an outdoor physical education class at the English-Scandinavian Summer School in Milner Court, Sturry, Kent. August Photo by William Vanderson/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

they say...what you don't know......

I really don't like this. Is that a grown up or an older child? Why doesn't she have underwear on? How does the sexual exposure of a woman without her knowledge make for a cute little picture?

Hippie Painting Ideas | Hippie Tie Dye                                     I wanna be just like this when I grow old.....

Hippies first became popular in the Most of the hippies were kids and teens. Hippies were people who rebelled against their parents.

Jersey heifer and a milk maid. Love it!

In Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids who had contracted cowpox, were immune from catching smallpox. He used this information to develop a vaccine for smallpox (now virtually extinct). Milkmaid, Jersey cow: another old postcard from Jersey, England.