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A Phaeron is an especially powerful Necron Overlord, often the ruler of an entire Necron Dynasty, and thus are the true rulers of the Necron race. The Ancient Hierarchy (The Necron Phaerons)

This is the first finished render of my Necron lord. other view max, Photoshop, Vray, Substance Designer.

Necrons: Getting Started: Page 2 | Games Workshop

A Necron Overlord is one of the greatest and most powerful leaders of the Necron race, and the ruler of many Tomb Worlds. The Ancient Hierarchy (The Necron Overlords)

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Necron Lords are leaders of Necron armies that serve under Overlords and rule over individual Tomb Worlds.

Come see the top 5 reasons that Tau NEED an update to edition, stat! When their current codex hit, the Tau were the pinnacle of the meta.

Скитарии - воинство Омниссии Warhammer 40k, skitarii, adeptus mechanicus, длиннопост

The art of Warhammer adeptus mechanicus Skitarii Cult Mechanicus Mars

Chaos Sorcerer of Black Legion. A Sorcerer is the most powerful type of psyker found among the Chaos Space Marines and the other Forces of Chaos, serving the same role as Librarians do for Loyalist Space Marine Chapters and Sanctioned Psykers do for the I

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