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The mimed conversation between The Doctor and Donna Noble in season 4 of Doctor Who. BRILLIANT

The Best Companion

And this is my fave doctor / Donna moment. Ah, I loved Donna, she was too cool.

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Finally Finished My Doctor Who Illustration Series

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I can imagine The Doctor saying "Her name was Donna, Donna Noble. She was the most brilliant, most clever and most important woman in all the creation, but above everthing, she was my best friend, my partner, my sister... then, I lost her..."<< Did you really have to do that? <<< " I made her forget. She didn't want to, but it was for the best. It'll kill her if she ever does remember. My Donna... I miss my Donna... But she's okay now. She's safe. She's married. She's happy. Without me."

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Doctor Who: this absolutely needs to be an episode...a beautifully sad episode. Donna Noble is one of the most tragic companions.

Whoever wrote this, I don't hate you. This is beautiful. And sad. Very sad. I want to cry.

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Top David Tennant Doctor Who Quotes for today.

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You are Donna Noble! --You have a great sense of humor, and come off a little strong at times. That just makes you a great companion. You started off as a temp worker and were engaged, until an alien kills your fiance'. Not to worry, your "best mate", the Doctor, was there to save you and take you all over the Universe. In the end, you forget the Doctor in order to save his life. -- Well, that last part was completely unnecessary...

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