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Antique Love This team created a romantic look using a soft palette and natural wood items. They chose melon (soft peach) and cornflower blue along with creamy white to create depth in their design. Vintage style flatware and glassware, mismatched china in peach and blue tones and an ivory runner with a variety of small flower filled vases line the center of the table. Hanging from the tree above is a birch wood structure with strands of beads and small containers filled with flowers.

CHELSEA PORCELAIN FACTORY (manufacturer) England c.1744–69 Melon tureen c.1755 porcelain (soft-paste) Collection of Kenneth Reed, Sydney

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Leaning Mirrors add Drama to Dining Rooms ... And Opportunity in the Bedroom. There is nothing quite like the drama that Leaning Mirrors add to a Unit. Of course, there is light and space, but there is the Drama in the Dining Room. Candles flicker better. Chandeliers twinkle better. Food looks larger. In the Bedroom, one always gets locked ... Marc Alan Innes & Associates LLC Luxury Acquisition and Development Http://…

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