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Fun Family Project: How to Build a Bat House

Hope my sis and I can build this. I would love to attract bats to my neighbourhood. Bats do us a great service by eating a HUGE amount of flying insects (including MOSQUITOES) and consequently help to control some dangerous and harmful pests.

Let me show you the shape of my HEART (20 photos)

Heaven and earth know it to be true and create beauty for your loving eyes Cynthia! Just look and see I am here my love! Always you are my heart and I am yours

The Red-tailed Black Cockatoo (photo is a female which has yellow tail feathers) is a large cockatoo native to Australia where they live mostly in the continent's N drier areas. Males have red tail feathers; females, yellow. Both have blue-black heads w white dots. They nest in tree hollows, esp. in Eucalyptus woodlands near water. They often travel in large flocks. Diet: seeds, nuts, berries, fruits, insects.