Holistic Rain Crystal Mobile: Blue Calcite, Selenite. Made with materials from the earth, as Mother Nature intended. Hand crafted with raw, untampered crystals, powerful crystal clusters, and natural driftwood. Crystals are used in Feng Shui to cleanse the energy in your home and office, to infuse your space with beautiful energy, and to invite what you desire into your existence. #HomeDecor #Crystals

Andalusite: Key Words: Akashic Record, Connected to Earth.Chakra: Root(1st), Third Eye(6th) Element: Earth, Ether Helps one to feel closeness to the Earth. Excellent stone for people who do not feel at home in their bodies or on this planet. Allows for a healthy understanding of being energy in incarnate form. Good for work with past-life regression. Energy healers can use this stone to help heal those suffering from loneliness, depression or anxiety.

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