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my dad keeps referring to twenty one pilots as "two one pee" and it is getting on my nerves hE IS LITERALLY SAYING 21p DO YOU KNOW HOW FRUSTRATING THIS ISSKSJXJSXJ SPELL IT OUT, SIR

Happened to be my ballin' number in HS and fav football player for favorite team. But obviously the band too

I said Josh Dun in Walmart last week and like 5 people turned around. <---THAT'S AWESOME

This is me when I hear all the kids singing Stressed Out and school yet I know they don't know squat about Twenty-One Pilots

Mitch will be here forever.>>>> that is probably the most adorable smile ever....

I know I have pin this before but I love Mitch and miss is him a lot, he will always be in my heart. I love you Mitch Lucker your my hero.

omg that is one of my favorite videos

I started crying the first time I watched the Heathens music video.