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A Walk in the Woods, by Alan Lee. One of my most favourite artists, he's not a maker but to me drawing is the main inspiration and drive in my work.

Set from around the world. Form video games and film industry.

Fantasy terrain by Tabletop World September Blacksmith’s Forge released) - Forum - DakkaDakka All hail the mighty Primarch Russ!


Ruth Dump by *The-Ez on deviantART (I love this style! She looks like she should be a Disney Princess)

Cake Mix: The Green Throne, Fantasy art

Fantasy: The Green Throne - Digital, Concept art, Fantasy, Illustrations, PhotoshopCoolvibe – Digital Art

history lsd

"Cory Godbey is an illustrator and animator based in Greenville, South Carolina whose work utilizes elegant lines, stylized drawing and deep, carefully limited color palettes to achieve wonderful effe (Top Design Drawing)

Wood Elf City deciduous forest trees river waterfall Kelsey's Favorite Places to Visit and Foods to Eat!

Trippy Psychadelia

Luke Brown art - Spectral Eyes - I shook Luke Browns hand at Symbiosis Gathering


Arthur Rackham: Rip van Winkle, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Undine, The Ring of the Niblung Remember his illustrations from some of my favorite fairy tale books from when I was little.