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Always my Work Out Motivation. I always accomplish one more by telling myself "pain is weakness leaving the body."

When I joined the Marine Corps this is one of the things that I lived by. Now I don't agree that pain is weakness leaving the body, but I do believe that their is far worse things than just pain.

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"I will never betray you, Mòric." Her voice was low, quietened. "Death comes before dishonour.

That's my Marine

Just want to point out that the Marine Corps Bday is November not the but other than that great pin

USMC - For my daddy and my brothers.

There is never a former Marine but there is a former active Marine, once a Marine always a Marine, never given but earned.

SUCKERPUNCH. I just love this movie. need to watch again soon.

just a thing i made for the hell of it because i LOVE that saying in the movie suckerpunch was nothing like i expected =w= amazing.