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Una familia de lobos vigilante.

The dhole (pronounced “dole”) is also known as the whistling dog, red dog and Asiatic wild dog. An excellent jumper, it has a vertical jump of 7 feet. The dhole resembles a fox in its appearance, but it is roughly the size of a German Shepherd. It is also capable of making a variety of sounds, including whistling, screaming, mewing and even clucking.

Michigan's mysterious, misunderstood coywolves

Difference Between Dog, Wolf, Jackal, Coyote and Fox.

Find the Difference and comparison Between Canidae Family members Dog vs Wolf vs Jackal, Coyote and Fox. To know the facts about keeping wolves and coyote as a pet.

Coyotes and dogs had been a major problem at the University of Rhode Island’s Peckham Farm, home to a prize-winning flock of Dorset sheep. Then the university bought Bonnie, a guard donkey.