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It used to be that many of us did not have the choice to use 100% recycled toilet paper. Kroger (and Publix has had it for awhile and of course 7th Generation but harder to find) now carries it in their Simple Truth product line. Out of all the things we use daily that are disposable, can you think of anything that doesn't make more sense to be a 100% recycled product? Add to the fact that Americans use more toilet paper annually than any other country on earth.

Americans use 500 million plastic straws each and every day. Although the plastic is made from recyclable plastic, straws are too small for the machines that recycle plastic. There are many things we use each day for convenience. Many of those items create a waster stream beyond imagination. Let's take simple steps to reduce that convenience. Here are three alternatives with a bonus tip to reduce plastic straw waste.

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Found this today at a consignment shop. If you can't take old ties and weave a seat to replace worn out seats. Clever!

Clothing Recycler USAgain Offers Solutions for an Eco-Friendly Back-to-School

I found this at Il Bacio at Lindbergh but easy enough to make yourself. Old stylish doorknob, add a hook new hanger!